L. and B.’s Engagement Shoot

Thank you to Katie at Roundlens Photography for letting me second shoot for L and B’s engagement session! This sessions was split between some of the best spots in Old Town Scottsdale and a gorgeous field near a local resort.  L and B were pros and kudos to B for being such a great sport throughout the entire shoot!  Such a beautiful couple!

lindseybrendanengage 4 lindseybrendanengage 5

lindseybrendanengage 4lindseybrendanengage 37

lindseybrendanengage 6 lindseybrendanengage 9lindseybrendanengage 14

lindseybrendanengage 18 lindseybrendanengage 32lindseybrendanengage 26

lindseybrendanengage 33 lindseybrendanengage 34

lindseybrendanengage 35 lindseybrendanengage 36 lindseybrendanengage 38

lindseybrendanengage 39

lindseybrendanengage 45 lindseybrendanengage 46 lindseybrendanengage 48 lindseybrendanengage 51 lindseybrendanengage 52