Sarah + Jordan’s Sedona Wedding

When Sarah and Jordan asked me to photograph their Sedona I was thrilled! Not just because the Sedona backdrop instantly makes photographers drool, but because I fell in love with the two of them during their engagement shoot.

Sarah and Jordan exude love for each other, they could have gotten married in the back alley of a restaurant and I would have been able to take amazing photos for them.  They. Made. My. Awesome. Job. Even. Better!

Their glorious day started, as any Arizona wedding day starts…at the pool!

sarah+jordanblog 433

sarah+jordanblog 323 sarah+jordanblog 322 sarah+jordanblog 324

The beautiful flowers were put together by a family friend.

sarah+jordanblog 330

Sarah wore a gorgeous, form fitting Nicole Miller Bridal gown. With Steve Madden shoes and smelled like the ultimate blushing bride thanks to Dolce & Gabbana.

sarah+jordanblog 325 sarah+jordanblog 326 sarah+jordanblog 327

And get a load of the party dress and Ivanka Trump blue suede shoes!!

sarah+jordanblog 345 sarah+jordanblog 329

Sarah gifted each bridesmaid a lovely bracelet from Frances a local Phoenix boutique.

sarah+jordanblog 328 sarah+jordanblog 347

The wedding bands were thoughtfully chosen and absolutely gorgeous!

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Everyone wanted to be a part of helping the bride get ready, even Jackson, the 15 month ring bearer.

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One of the lovely flower girls getting her hair done by her aunt.

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sarah+jordanblog 339 sarah+jordanblog 338 sarah+jordanblog 337

Taking some time out to write her dedicated bridesmaids a thank you note.

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It’s an inside joke…

sarah+jordanblog 348

You have to have a shot of something on your wedding day! I learned about the rumchata shot, looked delicious.  I’ll have to remember to order one when I’m not behind the camera 😉

sarah+jordanblog 349

Dress time!

sarah+jordanblog 350 sarah+jordanblog 351 sarah+jordanblog 352

Then I got to hang with the boys for a bit…always a good time!

So it started with this face…

sarah+jordanblog 361

And ended with this… I guess you had to be there 🙂

sarah+jordanblog 362

The handsome groom.  Check out that bow tie!!! LOVE so unique!

sarah+jordanblog 357 sarah+jordanblog 440

The shoes! Love the Vans! This couple know how to pick shoes!

sarah+jordanblog 355 sarah+jordanblog 358

sarah+jordanblog 359 sarah+jordanblog 360

So much fun!

sarah+jordanblog 366 sarah+jordanblog 367

sarah+jordanblog 365 sarah+jordanblog 364

Yep they all had different Vans!

sarah+jordanblog 432

Doesn’t get any cuter than this. Period.

sarah+jordanblog 368

On our way to the first look!

sarah+jordanblog 369

Oh the excitement!

sarah+jordanblog 370

sarah+jordanblog 371 sarah+jordanblog 373

sarah+jordanblog 374 sarah+jordanblog 375

Loved his reaction!

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sarah+jordanblog 382

We must take a moment to appreciate the baby suspenders.

sarah+jordanblog 387

The gorgeous bridal party in all their good looking glory!

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And now some alone time.

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The reception was held at the very romantic Tlaquepaque.

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sarah+jordanblog 397 sarah+jordanblog 396

Sarah and Jordan included a lovely tribute to Sarah’s mother, Jean, also known as Queen Jean.

sarah+jordanblog 407

Some lovely reception details.

sarah+jordanblog 398 sarah+jordanblog 399 sarah+jordanblog 400 sarah+jordanblog 401

sarah+jordanblog 403

sarah+jordanblog 402

Um how cool is this cake?!?

sarah+jordanblog 418 sarah+jordanblog 419

Sarah’s mother had an assigned seat for the ceremony.

sarah+jordanblog 320

Let the ceremony begin!

sarah+jordanblog 408   sarah+jordanblog 410

Sarah was escorted down the isle by her father.

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sarah+jordanblog 413

sarah+jordanblog 414

It’s official, Sarah and Jordan are married!

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sarah+jordanblog 417

The reception was full of love, laughter and toasts.  This couple is so blessed to have such an amazing group of people who love and support them!

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sarah+jordanblog 426

The first dance was Justin Timberlake of course!

sarah+jordanblog 427

The party dress was a surprise for Jordan!

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I can’t say this enough! Thank you Sarah and Jordan for asking me to be a part of your special day! May you have a hundred years of happiness, good health and love.  Oh and babies! 😉