Presley Clare: Phoenix/Scottsdale Newborn Photography

One of the best aspects of being a photographer is that, if you’re lucky, your clients invite you into their life for every important, life changing and wonderful moment.  I am one super lucky photographer because Rianna and Sergio have done just that!  I was blessed to take Rianna and Sergio’s maternity photos and last week I was blessed to photograph their 7 day old baby girl Presley Clare (how beautiful is that name??)! Here are some highlights from our morning together! Thank you for stopping by! presleyclareBLOG 1691   presleyclareBLOG 1694 presleyclareBLOG 1678 presleyclareBLOG 1676  presleyclareBLOG 1680 presleyclareBLOG 1681 presleyclareBLOG 1682 presleyclareBLOG 1679  presleyclareBLOG 1689 presleyclareBLOG 1683 presleyclareBLOG 1692  presleyclareBLOG 1690  presleyclareBLOG 1688 presleyclareBLOG 1687 For information on booking a session check out the Marisa Belle Photography website! xo, Marisa


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