James Turns One! Scottsdale/Phoenix Family Photo Shoot

I met Dara at a VERY large baby play date at a mutual friend’s house about 6 months ago and we just clicked.  Not only was she super welcoming and friendly but we also could relate to each other, having gone through some similar baby stuff.   I told my friend Ali that same day that I wanted to be friends with Dara and that we should all do lunch.  Since then Dara has been part of my mommy support squad and I cannot thank her enough for her friendship during times when I thought I was going to lose my mommy mind.

Needless to say I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her beautiful family!  James turns 1 on October 8th and even though I have an adorable baby boy of my own, James’ sweet face and magnetic personality gives my Jack a run for his money.

We went to a local North Phoenix wash/field for our session.  Dara and Jonathan were such troopers as I guided them out to an area of the field that can only be described as jungle-esque (complete with jungle-esque mosquitos to boot).  The location made for beautiful photos, but I’m pretty sure I could have taken this family anywhere and had the same result.

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Happy First Birthday James!! xo

If you’d like information on booking a session please see the “about” page.

Thank you for stopping by!



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