Eva Jane 8 Days New: Scottsdale/Phoenix Newborn

I’ve known Haley and James for some time now, our friendship formed through parties and ASU tailgates, all very non-baby type activities.  But now with the birth of their first child, Eva Jane, EVERYTHING has changed…for the better.  Eva is absolutely perfect and her parents have switched gears from a couple without children to parents so seamlessly, that even though she just arrived, it’s clear that they’ve been ready for her for a long time.  Congratulations Haley and James, your baby girl is just beautiful!

EvaJaneBLOG 1291 EvaJaneBLOG 1275 EvaJaneBLOG 1272 EvaJaneBLOG 1273 EvaJaneBLOG 1290 EvaJaneBLOG 1276EvaJaneBLOG 1278 EvaJaneBLOG 1277 EvaJaneBLOG 1289 EvaJaneBLOG 1288EvaJaneBLOG 1280 EvaJaneBLOG 1279 EvaJaneBLOG 1284

EvaJaneBLOG 1282 EvaJaneBLOG 1281

EvaJaneBLOG 1292 EvaJaneBLOG 1286 EvaJaneBLOG 1287


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